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Agoleh is a Tunisian mercenary, and head of security for ExoGen's African operations. Little is known of Agoleh's history, but his early life a child soldier left him a callous and violent man.

During Mendax City, Agoleh acts as a hitman for Betty and Howard. Agoleh's belief that his strength is absorbed from The Core gives him a sense of duty to her as its keeper.

Betty sends Agoleh on an assassination mission, the mark known as Timothy MacDonald. He silently breaks into the house, and discovers that Timothy is a 3 year-old child. Torn with moral anguish over his own traumatic childhood, Agoleh hesitates to his own detriment. Timothy proves himself highly intelligent and resourceful, as he is actually Martin, living out his second life as Grace's bastard child, and has been trained by Magruder in basic combat throughout his infanthood. After a long chase, Timothy tricks Agoleh into falling from the roof of the ExoGen Tower, and in his 'death' is transported to the ExoGen conference, where he is revealed to be the Avatar of Masculum.