Betty (2)

Betty Weissman

In her young life, Betty was a determined archeologist trying to make a name for herself. On an expedition in Tunisia, she makes the startling discovery of The Core, detailed in the story Orb .

Here, she meets Jebediah the Violet, whot tells her secrets of existence that no other human ear has heard. Betty’s battle with her destiny is arduous, but breif. Part of her importance is being the human guardian of The Core. Jebediah and the White Child commune, she understands that she must allow her only son to effectively wipe out humanity as we know it.

Because of her advanced knowledge of the universe, and her direct communion with The Core’s energy, her body undergoes a radioactive poisoning. Cancers in her body grow slowly, but will eventually mean her death. Jebediah explains this to her, and by the edicts of his future selves, agrees to act as her vizier.

Because of Betty’s vicious maternal nature,. Using information gathered from Jebediah, she blackmails him into assisting her. and with Jebediah’s underhanded assistance, she manages to maintain more control of her posthumous presence than The White Child had meant to allow. This constitutes the only example of a mortal, or anyone else, outsmarting him.