Escape is the story of Steven's early life, imprisoned in a high-security penthouse by his father under supervision by Edith, his Teacher and Nanny - and Tikki, an armed security guard. Steven has a keen interest in nature and animals, which grows when a city bat starts visiting him at night. They share a strange, spiritual connection, that culminates in a magical almalgamation of their bodies. Steven transforms into an animalistic creature, causing him great pain. While Edith has acted as his protector throughout his life, she turns on him as he transforms, believing him to be a demon from hell. Tikki, who has never acknowledged Steven as a person, becomes his defender, and allows him to escape the penthouse.







The Bat

Bouncer's Son

Murdering Inmate

Plot SynopsisEdit

FREEDOM - Steven wants to fly like the bats on TV, but Nanny and Bouncer say he is too sick to go out. Exposition: Steven is confined because of his sickness.

PRAYER - Nanny prays to God, and hears his voice. It is unclear if the voice is real or not, but she believes Steven is cursed, and she is doing God's will to protect him.

FLASHBACK - Bouncer scares Steven away from the door, and reminisces about his own son being in prison for robbery. He takes the job as guard to raise money for his release.

THE BAT - A bat visits Steven and they exhibit a strange spiritual connection. When Nanny hears the commotion, the bat flies away.

MONTAGE - The bat returns each night, and Steven feels he is learning from it. Nanny continues to talk to God, who tells her that Steven is plotting escape and must be stopped

BOUNCER'S SON - The bouncer's son is killed by another inmate, making the bouncer's high-pay position pointless, and he prepares to resign the next morning.

UNION - The bat visits one last time, and dies, merging its body into Steven's. He passes out, Nanny and Bouncer both trying to revive him.

TRANSFORMATION - Steven awakens, and begins painfully transforming into a bat-like form. God tells Nanny that she must kill him to save his life, but Bouncer defends him.

ESCAPE - The transformation completes, and Steven has grown wings. Nanny is dead, and Mr Lee arrives in the commotion. Bouncer holds Mr Lee back, letting Steven escape

IMPACT - Steven falls from the building, just managing to glide before he hits the ground. He is injured, but alive, and disappears into the night.

VENGEANCE - Mr Lee is furious, he kills the bouncer, and calls for help with disposing of the bodies from his henchmen. He then calls Brian, asking to meet in the lab at once.