Druid Selah

Stronger Steel is the origin story for Selah, General of the Citadel Druids. In Druid society, boys are required to train in their powers of magnetism from an early age. From day one, Selah is the strongest of the recruits. The story follows his time at the academy, and is used to explain many fundamentals of the druid society. They have strict notions of nobility and family, and apply uniformity across their laws and customs, which Selah hopes to uphold to the best of his ability. Druid Sek has all of Selah's ambition, but a fraction of his skill. Their rivalry holds the tragic element of this story, as Sek repeatedly embarrasses himself in attempts to outdo Selah. King Proteus considers Selah to be the saviour of the druids, and affords him the finest luxuries - however, the Queen Parama is in love with Selah, and makes repeated attempts to seduce him. Selah returns her affections, but out of duty to his king, would never act upon them.


Selah refuses Parama, but decides to keep her advances a secret from Proteus to protect his feelings, and the integrity of his court. Sek, however, is himself in love with Parama. He has a borderline sociopathic obsession with her, and in his stalking, overhears her trying to seduce Selah. Sek confronts Proteus with a twisted version of the story, making it seem as if Selah had betrayed him. Proteus confronts Selah and Parama, who tell him the truth, but in his anger, he banishes them both. Parama tells the king of Sek's stalking, and he is put to the same punishment.

A final battle takes place between Selah and Sek, and in the destruction, Parama is killed. Sek considers her death, and his own banishment, to be directly Selah's fault, and flees the scene, badly injured. Selah is distraught over Parama's death, and decides to prepare for his return to the citadel, where he plans to challenge Proteus and claim the throne in Parama's name.