Tribus is the third era of Extraverse stories. It is set in a fantastic future where humans have evolved into powerful mutants, forming clans around reality warps known as Heterodoxes.

Each clan has its own form of power that varies amongst the populations. These powers replace wealth and resources as the major energy sources of the world. Wars are fought for individuals or groups with particular powers, while many sell their services as mercenaries or laborers in the dangerous but neutral wasteland.

The Daemon's Horde are known for their animalistic appearances and powers, as well as their seemingly paganistic beliefs. The Horde is one of the larger tribes, and is divided in several subsets, such as the guerilla Wolves and the airborne Nova-Sycori.

The Common-Mind Commune is home to the Sapiens, powerful and mysterious telepaths that have barely been seen for centuries. Their lair is surrounded by an area called The Sorrow Fields, where anyone who travels too deeply in is overcome with despair and takes their own life. This is a security measure set up by the Sapiens, and detailed in the story Mind Machine.

The Druids function on the power of Magnetic North. They are a strict, military tribe that train for battle from a young age. They live in a constructed metal city called The Citadel, that is periodically moved with concentrated effort by their elite soldiers. 2 of these soldiers, Selah and Sek, are introduced in the story Stronger Steel, which reveals many details of the Citadel's inner workings.

The Ash Clan control heat, light and fire, living underground in the Heterodox Hell, where their society is fuelled by heat stored in rocks, as electricity in a battery. Their leader Dave Woodcock is particularly savage, and as the Ash Clan's powers increase, his lust for power puts all the other tribes, and the balance of this fragile reality at risk.

The 12 tribes and their political disputes will be the basis of most of Tribus's stories, with Avatars and Walkers bolstering armies and turning tides. The world functions as a corrupt, fuedal society, warring not for resources, but for the inexplicably sustainable power of the Heterodoxes. The Avatars become mythic and divine creatures in this age of magic, waging wars upon each other as the tribes create cults of worship around them.